Kraftstaden Fastigheter –The Innovative Property Company

Kraftstaden Fastigheter is a Property Company entirely owned by Trollhättan City Council. We manage, let and develop properties with the aim to further strengthen the City of Trollhättan as an attractive business location and also a great place to live. We offer 450 000 square metres of industrial-, office- and school- premises as well as premises for a range of Council Departments.

About Us:

Our priority is creating the right conditions for your organisation to operate and grow within purpose-built premises. As a developer we especially enjoy taking on unusual and technically demanding projects that enable us to try out new and exciting solutions.

At Kraftstaden Fastigheter we like to think of ourselves as the Property Company with a personal touch. By working closely together with our tenants we are able to create secure and lasting business relationships. We aspire to expand together with our tenants.

Your business is in safe hands with us. We can find or create the ideal new premises for your organisation allowing you to focus your energies elsewhere.

Contact us

We are here for you! If the person you are looking for is unavailable, leave a voicemail, send a text message or an e-mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can reach us here.

Postal address:

Kraftstaden Fastigheter
Box 953
461 29 Trollhättan

Visiting address

Åkerssjövägen 20, Building 59,
Innovatum Business Park

Phone: +46 520-47 45 50
Fax No.: +46 520-47 45 69

Our Properties

A list of all our properties can be found under the section named “Fastigheter”. For more information about the premises, please contact the Property Manager listed under each property.

We have a large number of properties containing primarily industrial-, office- and school premises.

The flagship in our Property Portfolio is the Innovatum Business Park located in central Trollhättan, close to the popular tourist attraction The Trollhättan Locks. Innovatum is one of Sweden’s foremost developing centres for scientific and technological research but also houses many other creative industries.

The Innovatum area is grounded in an idea to create spaces where people from a wide range of industries and organisations with different perspectives can work and operate together. This is where the products of the future will be invented, where the services of tomorrow will develop and a new generation of dreams and fantasies can become reality.

As well as Innovatum Science Centre the area also contains a wide range of services and attractions such as: a film studio, the SAAB Museum, N3 cultural and arts centre, secondary schools, healthcare centre, gym, restaurant and a bakery. Attractive residential properties are also being built in the area (more information can be found at:

The historical industrial estate that is Innovatum is currently developing in new and exciting ways. The old industrial buildings have gradually been modernised and are once again full of life. The old manufacturing industry has given way for an exciting and personal architectural style to develop where high-ceilinged red brick buildings with exposed steel beams and overhead cranes meet modern glazed facades and new architectural features.

Available To Let

Kraftstaden Fastigheter offers everything from industrial -, storage- and workshop premises to office- and school premises. As space in our properties is in demand, the availability of vacant space can sometimes be limited. However, the size of our property portfolio ensures there is always movement of tenants within and between properties and new vacancies arise frequently. So even if there might not be much available space listed on our To Let list at the moment, it’s always a good idea to contact us so we can analyse your property requirements and look over all available alternatives. You are welcome to make a query regarding any of our properties that interest you, and we will contact you for additional information.

For more information and to make queries regarding lettings, please contact Jonas Stjernqvist, Phone: +46 520 47 45 54 email:

Development and Building Projects

– From Solar Panels to Creative Play Schools

We will work swiftly to provide the right premises for your requirements regardless of if you are a new or existing tenant. As a rule one of our four in-house Project Managers handle each project from start to finish. That is from the first exploratory meeting to the day the ribbon is cut on your new premises and the in-house Property Manager takes the reins.

When we’re not busy with our own developments we take on projects for external clients such as Trollhättan City Council and our sister companies. Kraftstaden Fastigheter has long been at the forefront of new- and re-development.

Currently, one of the developments we are working on is the exciting new “Breakthrough Project”. This will result in a whole new street which will provide a new access point to the Innovatum Business Park and provide 8 000 new square metres of office space. This will be made possible by demolishing the middle of three long and narrow attached industrial buildings and replacing the demolished external walls with glass fronts, thereby creating an interesting combination of industrial heritage and modern design. Skylights, big open spaces and exposed steel beams will help reinforce this special atmosphere.

Green Values

At Kraftstaden Fastigheter we believe that if every person contributes something small, together we can make a big difference. Therefore it’s very important to us that we make it as simple as possible to make those small contributions every day. Dennis Nyström is our Environment & Energy Co-ordinator and he works with these issues full-time. He always tells us that “we can do more today than we did yesterday” a wonderful attitude we hope will rub off on those around us. Through our Environmental Plan we set up long-term quantifiable targets to ensure we work towards sustainable development. We take a systematic approach to working with environmental issues and are constantly looking for new ways of becoming more energy efficient. Kraftstaden Fastigheter puts great effort in to our tenants having premises where it’s possible to gradually minimise the environmental footprint. Our ambition is to constantly improve the environment both inside and around our properties. When we undertake new developments we always build as environmentally friendly as possible. We would love to hear what you do to contribute to a more sustainable society and a better awareness of environmental issues. By sharing our green values we can inspire and learn from each other.